Arm Yourself With Information

Sentencing is one of a defense attorney's most important jobs because most cases either plead or result in convictions at trial. To help achieve a fair, just sentence for attorneys' clients, R3 Investigations is pleased to provide a new tool that has not been previously available.

That tool is a sentencing analysis derived, in part, from data we've compiled on every case charged in the Maricopa County Superior Court during the last five years. We currently have data on than 195,600 cases involving 158,000 defendants.

Using that data and court records, we can provide a variety of analyses. For example, we can provide:

  • A summary of every case filed that includes certain charges.
  • Comparison of outcomes of similar cases.
  • Summaries of all cases that match the specifics of a plea offer.
  • An analysis of all cases handled by a particular prosecutor or judge.
  • Identify similar cases submitted by a particular law enforcement agency.
  • Research charging and sentencing disparities based on age and race.

Our analysis arms a criminal defense attorney with information needed to analyze plea offers, present arguments during settlement conferences, or address the sentencing judge. It can also be used in post conviction for clemency petitions.

It is also helpful to show clients actual cases similar to their own and review the factors that led to the sentences. The result is that the client will have more realistic expectations as the case moves forward.

Contact us to discuss details of how an analysis can help your case.